Practice Manager

Meet Kristy, the friendly face and efficient leader at Advantage Skin Clinic. With her strong background of over 18 years in healthcare administration, Kristy keeps things running smoothly, ensuring both our team and patients are well taken care of. Her welcoming demeanour and knack for organisation create a positive atmosphere, making every visit to the clinic feel comfortable and reassuring. Whether it’s managing schedules or lending a listening ear, Kristy’s balanced approach keeps the clinic’s operations in harmony and our clients smiling.

Kristy’s dedication extends beyond the confines of her role, as she actively seeks ways to foster professional growth and development within the team. Her commitment to continuing education and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field ensures that Advantage Skin Clinic remains at the forefront of innovative skincare solutions. Call us today on 4201 0593 to speak to Kristy for both patient and/or administrative enquiries.

Speaks English

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