Cosmetic Lesion Removal

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments and solutions for the removal of benign lesions such as skin tags, moles or warts by our doctor.

What to expect

Our experienced Doctor will assess your lesions to determine their suitability for removal. Excised lesions will be sent for pathological diagnosis to ensure proper identification. Local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area prior to removal to prevent discomfort.


The duration of the procedure will vary depending on the number and size of lesions being removed. For a single lesion, procedures usually take around 30-45 minutes.


The downtime following the procedure will vary depending on the course of treatment recommended for you. Our Doctor will discuss the treatment plan, potential complications, downtime, and post-treatment care during your consultation to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared.


Pricing for cosmetic lesion removal services will depend on the number and size of the lesions being removed. Our Doctor will discuss the cost of the procedure during your consultation.

Assessment of all lesions will be attended by our Doctor to assess suitability for removal. 

The doctors are able to manage skin cancers including melanoma and non-melanomatous skin cancers, benign lesions, skin tags, raised lesions, warts etc. and will refer you appropriately within the clinic or to other medical specialists where appropriate.

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