Alma Clear Skin Pro

What to expect

When the Clear Skin handpiece is applied, it triggers dermal remodelling in the reticular dermis (the inner layer of the skin). This process stimulates the release of inflammatory mediators, activates fibroblasts (cells responsible for collagen production), and promotes neocollagenesis (formation of new collagen fibres). The result is clearer, rejuvenated skin. Our dermal clinician will determine if Clear Skin is suitable for you and your skin concerns in an initial dermal consult appointment.


A Clear Skin laser appointment typically takes 30-45 minutes for a full face.


Immediately following your Clear Skin laser appointment you may experience some erythema or redness of the skin for a few hours. Some patients may also experience some swelling, most patients find that these symptoms calm down after a few hours post treatment. It is important to follow the after care instructions provided to you by your clinician.


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The Clear Skin handpiece emits a long wavelength that enables deep penetration into the dermal layers of your skin. It is a groundbreaking technology that combines non-ablative laser with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology. This unique combination ensures an effective treatment for acne.

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