Dermal Consultation with VISIA Skin Analysis

What to expect

During your initial consultation, your clinician will conduct a thorough examination of your skin. This involves assessing your skin type, identifying specific concerns (such as acne, pigmentation, or ageing), and understanding any existing medical conditions that may impact your skin health. Based on the assessment, your clinician will create a customised treatment plan tailored to address your unique needs. Your clinician will also discuss skin care advice and may recommend products to you to enhance your at home skin care routine.

You may also wish to have VISIA images taken during your consultation. VISIA gives you the most accurate picture of your overall skin health. VISIA can show underlying sun-damage, vessels, oil production and spots. The machine can also provide an age-simulation based on your skin health as well as a 3D model of your face for accurate analysis.


An initial dermal consultation with VISIA imaging can take up to an hour.


There is no downtime involved after a dermal consultation/VISIA imaging. 


An initial dermal consultation starts at $60-$120.

At Advantage Skin Clinic we offer consultations with our experienced dermal clinicians as the first step towards achieving and maintaining healthy skin. 

Our dermal consultations also include VISIA skin analysis to help you and your clinician further understand your skin and work out a personalised treatment plan.


What should I do to prepare for a dermal consultation appointment?

To make the most of your dermal consultation, compile a list of your specific skin concerns and goals and your current skincare products to help the professional assess your routine. Be ready to share your medical history, including existing skin conditions and medications. If possible, arrive without makeup for an accurate skin analysis.

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