At Advantage Skin Clinic, we offer a wide range of medical services, cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments, including skin cancer detection, GP dermatology services, laser therapies and cosmetic medicine options.
Our expert team provides personalised care to address various skin concerns and conditions, ensuring you receive the highest quality treatments for healthier, more beautiful skin.
Our services are conveniently categorised into three skincare areas: medical, cosmetic skincare and aesthetic.

Laser Therapy 

Co2 Laser Resurfacing 

Dermalux LED Therapy 


Skin Needling 

Chemical Peels 

VISIA Skin Analysis 

We exist as an easily accessible facility to provide readily available, early detection of melanoma and sun related skin cancers. We also treat and manage common skin conditions effecting the general population from ageing skin, acne, sun damaged skin, scarring, pigmentation and more.

Trusted experts in skin cancer detection and cosmetic medicine.

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